Too Drunk To F**k: Father and Son, a series that examine the Oedipus complex, the sexual ambiguity, the aversion and the inherent threat between Father and Son.

Too Drunk To F**k is a project composed of drawings/collages and sculptures based on images found on various websites dedicated to amateur videos of people fighting: uploads from video-phones, school fights, home videos, and secret footage examining the impulsive and subconscious relationship between alcohol, sex and violence. I am interested in the ambiguity between horny and violence, sensory and cultured. Alcohol as a social lubricant has been instrumental in the development of society - shrouded by culture and connoisseurship and a medium that can reveal intrinsic animal instincts. Losing one’s inhibition while intoxicated, the “holleration”, the straight talking, flirtation, the instinctual prowl and the possible rejection, jealousy and competition are all a part of the continuous internal fight we straddle everyday consciously and unconsciously.